Fish Bowl

Sweet, Sweet Irony. You probably wouldn't happen to me so often if I didn't like you so much.

I wrote these at my last gig for the temp agency I work for. I loved that job (jewelry design). I wrote these while sitting in my office listening to punk music. The job let me listen to whatever I wanted. These were made out of Crass lyrics whilst listening to them:

Nothings really changed
'Cuz all governments the same
slavery's the game.

They call it freedom
But all governments the same
slavery's the game.

I was also all achey with PMS so i wrote this too:

Oh, menstrual cycle
same ol' same ol', month to month
how I hate you so.

And then I realized what a cool gig I had landed:

They like how I look
they say I look creative
this gig is so cool.

Tattoos, piercings, jeans,
my daily work attire
my job is so cool.

It is amazing
(that i really like this one)
what good pay will do.

The temp agency reassigned me the next day*.

Hah! Irony!

(I wasn't caught or fired or anything--the job filled their position and the temp agency was no longer needed)
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9.11. -- haiku triptych

September 11 ...
gusty wind in the pines
with a hint of smoke

September 11 --
in line at the blood station
bandannas and skullcaps

September 11 --
the World Wide Web covered
with all kinds of dust